Online Procurement Services

MEDNA OPS provides comprehensive procurement services and advanced order management software to optimize your procurement function.

MEDNA OPS Services

MEDNA Procurement enables the efficient and cost-effective requesting, ordering, tracking, and receiving of company supplies. The software features - multi-level access privileges, full audit trails, and auto-generation of spending reports. A devoted team of procurement negotiators, accountants and customer support professionals are ready to support your sourcing and procurement needs.

  • Full access to cloud-based platform
  • Day-to-day purchasing
  • Price negotiation
  • Live phone support
  • Manage SDS
  • Manage equipment warranties and service contracts
  • Sourcing difficult to find products
  • Real time spending reports
  • Audit ready at any given moment

Customizable procurement software solution

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Built on a cutting-edge platform & supported by dedicated staff... generate substantial economic value for clients.


Our dedicated customer support team ensures you get what you need and when you need it. Reliably source all your scientific and business needs.

  • Secure cost and time savings
  • Solve procurement inefficiencies
  • Track your orders from request to arrival at your facility
  • Handle any issues such as returns/exchanges, missing items and broken items
  • Easy setup and fully customizable platform to fit your needs
  • Full audit trail features for compliance
  • Data Security is our top priority
  • Spend Analytics allows reporting and analytics tailored to all stakeholders

Get What You Need, When You Need It!

  • Entries are tracked from request to invoice with comprehensive communication and approval processes
  • Triggers and programmable scripts assist with equipment warranty and service contract management
  • Multi-level access privileges enable strict visibility privileges
  • Audit trail provides comprehensive view of all activities performed on system
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MEDNA OPS will work with your team to identify specific procurement challenges and provide the right procurement workflow for your business. We can deliver a complete procurement software solution in just a few days. This is because we utilize front-end design with rich set of fields pre-built and ready to be deployed.

OPS Demo